Monday, January 31, 2011

30 things while 30 Update

Another update.....I need to do better :-)

1.Get a tattoo (I will not punk out!) Hair is on my neck will come soon

2.Get my passport (overseas trip is not in the budget YET....but working on it, at least I can get prepared) Have not even started...I think I will make this a project for June

3.Go on a date Been in a funk about this lately....long story, so the answer is no :-(

4.Complete 30 random acts of kindness to strangers A few things, given money away, helped random lady at drink machine. Donated some things randomly.....not really keeping track, this is more of a symbolic act.

5.Read 30 books that aren't the typical books that I enjoy I am up to 5, and have found some more I want to read :-) Actually thinking about purchasing a kindle.

6.Take a spontaneous road trip somewhere by myself, just wake up and go (I have to plan out everything....this is going to be hard) semi did----took a not so planned out trip to Atlanta couple of weeks ago. The fact that is was planned in like a week vs. the months I usually take, it is a step!

7.Go white water rafting I think I am going to aim for August for this, maybe if I set date goals easier to accomplish

8.Apply to Masters of Public Health Program (2 are on the radar) Still studying, car accident threw me off. But I have narrowed down schools and set a target date for enrolling :-)

9.Write letters to 30 people who have had an influence in my life and tell them why  Gave one letter away, finished 3 more but not given....the one letter given was very therapeutic
10.Run (not walk) a 5K walking again, thinking this summer I will be ago!

11.Walk the Music City Half Marathon (still praying on this one....Jesus give me strength!!!) renegotiating this one.....might find half marathon in another city.... I have failed so far on training.

12.Save X amount of money (figure will not be disclosed to everyone, but will tell if it is met or not) Still saving, had some unexpected expenses so we shall see....

13.Donate hair to Locks for Love (length is almost there!) COMPLETED!!!!

14.Lose at least 30 pounds (aiming for more....but sticking with the theme of 30) Lost 5 more pounds, been fluctuating since the holidays. Getting back at it now!
15.Purchase a Home (or be in the process...working on that now) making plans.....

16.Become a Research Coordinator (next step in my career...making moves!) Glitch in plan, but God is still good..... (all I can say)

17.Travel west of the Mississippi River (been to Arkansas and Missouri, but that is about it...but have been to all the states east of the Mississippi) Will be going to Houston in July, might take another trip by myself if time permits.

18.Purchase a big ticket item for my mother (have to see what she wants....I am thinking a REAL nice pair of earrings...this will be a surprise) Still thinking....

19.Clean out my wardrobe (closet full of clothes and shoes...don't wear half of them, shame!!!) Started, but bag is sitting by my front door...just need to drop off at Goodwill

20.Visit the graves of my father and sister (have not done since the funerals) Nope (punked out during the holidays....might take a day trip and do it one weekend)

21.Ask some tough questions of a family member (nothing bad....just unanswered questions) Still punking out...

22.Learn how to knit, love to crochet, every time I try knitting I get frustrated :-( Forgot about this one.....need to do some research on classes

23.Write the vision plan for the next big project in my life (can't tell you what it is...yet) Putting it into a scrapbook (one of my favorite hobbies)
24.Go to a concert in a big venue (don't do crowds of people well, which is limiting me from seeing Maxwell in July...not cool) Eric Roberson concert seated 1000 people does that count????

25.Have my first kiss (yes I said it....don't trip) Nope :-(
26.Create a signature vegan dish for me (I love to cook...want to create something that people who are skeptical about vegan and vegetarian dishes will enjoy) still experimenting

27.Complete a financial plan that will pay of my student loans before I die (I am so serious) Still working on it

28.Purchase a piece of artwork that will be handed down to my next generation nope

29.Learn to speak my mind with no fear of others (some people might think I already do this....if you only knew!!) Getting better at this ;-)

30.Most important thing to do in my year of 30..... HAVE FUN!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

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