Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aren't I the same person????

Recently I was having a conversation with a male friend and he kept on saying that I need to "sexy" it up when I went to a concert....I was like I am going to look nice, but I am going to be comfortable. What was funny is I took part of his advice....but left the outfit on my bed and did not pack it.  I ended up wearing what I wanted to, fitted jeans and a nice top, with comfortable shoes (I knew I was going to be standing in line to get in).

After this convo and because of other various events that have been happening in my life I began to think about why I am still single and why so many people focus on the outward you without getting to know the inward you. What do I mean?

Well I am in the process of working out and losing weight. Recently I have learned that some of my weight gain is due to a medical condition. I have target goals for weight loss and the doctor is working with me on the condition so eventually I will lose the weight, but aren't I the same person?? Sometimes I wonder if someone who might approach me because I am a size 10-12 (I am being realistic.....) but never approached me when I was a size 18-20 even sees the problem with this? I mean I am healthy, no health problems because of my weight. I can walk up stairs, do a basic workout and live a healthy life, the only difference will be is my size. I am beautiful, smart, intelligent, caring, funny, silly, and so many other things.....but most people do not take the time to notice because of my weight.

This is why I posed the question above. Agree with me or not, but I wonder how many people you pass by because of how they look or perceptions of them. I speak in terms of my weight, but how many people have you not gotten to know because they might not look the what you think they should look like.....

Just a thought....take as you will.

Several men have said (even my pastor....which irks me) that men are physical beings and they have to be attracted to you physically, that is fine, but if your significant other physical appearance changed due to something beyond their control does that give you the right to leave them? 

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