Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am alive.....

I really like this pic for some reason

I am still here, you know I would return....I have been going through a lot, emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Too much to talk about in one post so I will give you bullet points for now....will elaborate in other posts when I can. You can follow me on twitter at way to keep up with me these days.
  1. Got strep throat was out for a week
  2. Marathon training and we are doing 12 miles on Saturday....PRAY!!
  3. Got a new job :-)  More money, better fit, I am happy
  4. Still working 2 jobs, but I love the kids....don't know if I will give that up just yet.
  5. Still questioning things about my faith, no, questioning church, not faith.....God is still folks, not so much
  6. Struggling a lot lately with the fact that I am 30 and never dated....really getting to me these days
  7. Switched up tattoo design....will get after half marathon is complete. I am so getting excited :-)
These are just a few things that are going on.  I am going to attempt to start blogging daily again, hopefully you all are still following and reading. Thanks for the comments and thanks for those who blogs I read (or skim).

I have missed blogging consistently and hopefully I can get back in the habit.

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