Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Can't We Be Together????

Been thinking about love a lot lately. I mean why can't it be simple? Why can't the person you love love you back?  Life would be a whole lot easier.

I have realized that I really care for someone, but I know that we will never be circumstances. I use the word care, because I do not know if I can call it this point.  But what I think that what is preventing me from saying love is the fact that I know that we could never be together.

Have you ever been in that situation? Where time, finances, career, perceptions of society, socioeconomic statuses, already married prevent you from being together.  People like to say these things should not matter, but they do. How can I love and be with someone who my family will never love even if I love them with all my heart?

I just don't know right now. I am learning to let go, learning to realize that there is someone out there for me that is not you. It is hard......but I know I just have to wait.

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