Sunday, May 1, 2011


I am alive. Loving new job, but personal life has been.....interesting. (this is probably going to be a rambling post)

Getting use to my new job and trying to balance personal life has been hard these days.  What was crazy was going through hell on my job and personal life was loving new job and personal life is hell. Why can't both me great right now????

I am the type of person that question...everything. This can be good and bad. What become bad is when people look at you crazy because you just don't go with the status quo.  I know I am different, I know I can be weird, but that is just me.

Why do I let people get to me like I do? Don't say you care and then do exactly what you know hurts me!

I will be blogging more....lot's on my mind. Check out my other blog also, chronicling my weight loss or lack there of.

Mind is scattered right now....Hopefully it will get better we shall see :-/

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