Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trust Issues????

Recently I asked a friend did I come off as unapproachable and she said I come off as guarded in part that she things I have trust issues.  This statement really got to me, even though I value her statement and what she said because she knows more about me than almost anybody.

But when she said I had trust issues it kind of took me back, because in my mind trust is earned and not given and it takes a lot for me to trust people...why? Because like I have said in previous blogs people let you down.  I am not the bitter black woman or nor do I treat people like they will hurt me from the get go, but I do realize once they do it is not a shock....makes me cope with it better.

Is this exactly me having trust issues? I honestly do not know. What I do know is that when time after time people prove me right it is more about protecting myself. This point of view goes for relationships, friendships, family members, and work. 

Can I be guarded? Maybe, but I think this stems out of the fact that I am different. I am 30 year old woman that has never truly dated.  I can't approach relationships like most people....when it happens it will be my first, this makes my views on things a little different.  Don't like lumping people together, but when most people here this.....does not go off very well, most people are shocked and honestly they don't treat me the same way.

Just a couple of thoughts I wanted to get out while I am taking a break from work.  Training and reading for days!!!! But still loving new job. Less free time, but I enjoy what I am doing.

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Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with being guarded cause when you let ppl in they are in and when it is time to get them out, well...