Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 5: The Wire

This has to be one of my favorite shows!!! Why??? Because it solidified my love (don't judge me) for Idris Elba!!!! This scene was the scene that had be jacked up for days!! I was so drawn in by the character of Stringer Bell, see my original blog post here. He was the main reason that got me started watching the Wire and eventually hooked.

I am thankful for this show because it opened my eyes to a few things, it helped develop one of my biggest celebrity crushes to this date.  I loved how the show talked about a lot of the components that make up the drug dilemma in the United States and showed you the bigger picture.  The fourth season where they followed the kids was also a favorite of mine. Working with kids in the past stories like that I saw too often.

So yes I am very Thankful for the show The Wire and will be purchasing the entire DVD set this year so I can watch it whenever I want!!!!

Oh....and this is another favorite scene of mine....MY NAME IS MY NAME!!!!!

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