Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 1: My tattoo

This might seem weird, but I am truly thankful for my tattoo....why? Because of what it represents and why I got it.  I use to be the person who was like I could NEVER get a tattoo, why? Because they are permanent, forever!!! Throughout my college and young adult years I was the one who got multiple piercings (oh how I miss them), but with piercings I can take them out whenever I got the nose, tongue, and eyebrow piercings are all gone :-( But a tattoo....I have to have that for LIFE???? That was always my thought process.

So once I decided to get a tattoo it took me years to decide! I wanted something that was meaningful to me and something that I could hide at work (which I really don't do anymore) yet show off when I am chill mode. So what did I get? A music heart, a heart made out of the treble and bass clefs and I LOVE IT!!! It is placed on the back of my neck so that I can cover it with me hair but when out for play and the curls are up it can be seen. 

But why this? Because I love music!!! Music gives me a place of escape and it has inspired me most of my life. I put the tattoo on my neck because when I am really stressed or irritated I rub the back of my neck and the tattoo is a reminder of what calms me and something I love. 

I am thankful for my tattoo because I had the guts to get it (but still don't have the guts to show my mother) and it is a daily reminder that things that I use to think I would never do.....I can do. It is a daily reminder that music is one place when everything else around me is in chaos....I can always escape to my lyrics, my melodies, my beats. 

So if you follow me you have seen the tattoo, but if this is your first time coming across my blog, her is my tattoo that I love!!

My Tattoo!!!!!

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