Sunday, February 14, 2010

House Effect

A few days ago everyone was a buzz about the statements that John Mayer made in a Playboy interview. I found it interesting the different responses people made during the day.  I was not able to read the complete article until later in the evening because of the website it was on.  I did post a comment on facebook stating the contradiction in how people responded to John Mayer's comments and how people respond to the negative lyrics, statements, and actions of a lot of African American  Hip Hop and R &B artists.

One person I know was very dissapointed in John Mayer's statements and now she refuses to listen to his music.  I then thought about how people respond to celebrities when they make a mistake. They are human.

So my question becomes will you support someone in their business if you knew they had a huge character flaw that did not interfere with them providing you a service?


LoVe.Peace.Curls. said...

I think that all these celebrities get so much shit when they speak their minds, but really like you said, they're human. Maybe they don't always relay their messages in the most PC way, but they have thoughts and opinions just like any other person. Theirs are just publicized. If you cant handle that, maybe you shouldn't listen to them. Trust, their bankroll won't be hurt too bad.

I also like how you mentioned the Black rappers and even some R&B singers. I've debated friends and peers a number of times over the fact that as soon as we hear a non-Black person getting out-of-pocket, we're quick to jump crazy, yet we've become so desensitized to our own people spewing misogyny that we let it ride. What's the difference? Why don't we boycott their music??

Shanel said...

I agree with you.. He's human... he doesn't seem to have a filter for his mouth... and it seems to be a regular thing with him... I don't fault him for his opinions... he just need to keep quite before he looses a lot of money due to bad publicity...