Friday, February 19, 2010

So Wrong....

I was thinking a lot yesterday and one topic that popped up in my mind while reading various blogs really irritated me.  (This is happening a lot lately)

Why do women cheat with a married or taken man?  Honestly...this makes no sense to me. Why would you choose to be a home wrecker. I am not talking about women who had no clue that man was in a relationship or married. I am talking about women who knowingly get involved with men that they know for a fact that they are involved with someone.  Why? 

There are two famous or infamous stories that I have seen recently. The woman who posted billboards of her married lover all over major cities in the US and now the paternity test that is going to be done for the alleged child of Matthew Knowles...Seriously??? You choose to have an affair with a married man.

This post might seem cold and judgmental, but I am just venting. Like I said in the beginning I am not talking about women who had no clue and by no means am I giving the men a pass, I am just not writing about the men at this time.  But I just don't understand. Then women have the nerve to say they are not wrong in this situation...really?

I am done venting...just my thoughts and observations.


Anna Renee said...

I think it depends on the level of the man--Matthew Knowles is famous and rich and this woman is out for a pay day, no doubt. These types of women will do anything for money, wreck homes, wreck their own reputations, wreck wreck wreck all for M-O-N-E-Y!!! Wreck the life of the unborn child even!! Its completely sad, and you're not being cold or judgemental but simply callling a spade a spade. When and if she gets paid, she'll live a miserable life, hopefully.

LC said...

I think it has a lot to do with a lack of morals, values and self-worth. Any woman that has these three things is not going to lower her standards to be a mistress or jumpoff. Also I have to agree with Anna Renee, in some cases it’s about the money.