Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Being S.M.A.R.T.

A while ago I read this blog and it really inspired me. I have begun to set several goals in my life...some short term and some long term.  With each goal I am being S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.  This is important to me because a lot of times I set goals and then I get distracted. Not to say things don't get accomplished, but they are pushed aside and not completed in a timely manner.

This year I am setting some specific goals that I will share with you.  This way I can hold myself accountable and track my progress. Also, I can go back and look to say what I was going to do and see if I really did it...It is not as easy to deny when you put it out there on the web. 

Listed below are areas in my life that I am working on this year and my goals for them.

  1. My weight: I wrote in an earlier blog about the fact that I am obese now. This will end!!! I need to look up the medical definition of obese, but I have come up with target weight goals.  I have a Baby Shower in Atlanta in June and I want to lose 40 pounds by then. I have been exercising and eating better and this is attainable.  This is for my health. I can never get this fat again.  Then, by the end of 2010 I would like to lose another 30 pounds. I know as time progresses it will be harder to lose the weight, but I will keep working. I will work out 3-4 times a week consistently. I will NOT eat cupcakes from Cupcake Collection more than once a week...they are so my weakness. Each year I will set new goals until I am physically fit, inside and out.
  2. Finances: I want to build my savings back up.  I want my emergency fund to be consistently back at $1000 by the end of 2010. Yes I have taken a pay cut because I am only working one job, but I think it still can be done.  I also want to pay CASH for my trips to Atlanta and Philadelphia in June and July.  No borrowing, not credit cards, not robbing Peter to pay Paul...Feel me?  Once my emergency fund has been established I will continue the steps that I use to follow in Dave Ramsey's class.
  3. Hair: This may seem little, but it is big to me. I want to grow my hair out for Locks for Love. My hair has to be 10 inches...which is possible, but I always cut hair in stages and never grow it out long enough to donate or I color it or do something crazy. I am blessed with a lot of hair, and hair that people like to call "good" (that's a whole nother post) so I would love to share with someone who needs it, not the greedy people who continue to touch my hair without permission and ask for my hair!!! Sorry...having a moment.
  4. Career/Education: I am in a position right now that I love, but I know I do not want to do this forever. It is a stepping stone for the next level.  I have the work experience now I just need the education to back it up. I am taking the GRE this year and applying for Graduate School. I really want to be a research coordinator.  This position does not need more education, but in the long run I don't want to be stuck . I am beginning to research schools and mapping out a plan.
  5. Love: This is a hard one...Been a big struggle for me and hard to put goals on something that is really out of your control, but I felt I need to address it.  This year I will let my guard down.  Melanie Fiona (from India Arie) said it best...I am Ready for Love. I know I am different and I can't change my past, but I know it has made me who I am today and whoever can accept that and understand that this is a first step for me will be a journey and hopefully for the best. I am not asking for perfection...just a chance.
  6. Mentoring: I have been a mentor for several years now.  I have had my frustrations of the status quo. It is time for me to do what I have always know I should do no matter what others say because it is so not about me. It is time for me to implement and work on a how to more effectively impact the kids lives. Not leaving things to the last minute and doing mediocre work.  We claim to work in the "spirit of excellence" but so often we don't. I have ideas that I will follow through with and that will get accomplished.
Okay...These are just a start.  Some of my goals and plans. I have tried to apply the S.M.A.R.T. principle to all of them.  It is easier to see them written out and easier to hold myself accountable. So a year from now I will revisit this post and see where I am. Wish me luck!!


Preach said...

I don't believe in luck only being blessed, or cursed, so I will say that I see your endeavor as blessed!!! Hey your blog is on point!!! I need to get the hook up from you and learn more about how you worked that layout. The red and burst at the top are too nice! Thanks for the sub also, I am learning more about this, so I am just now getting around to thanking readers, that email, and my subscribers. Well I have enjoyed your writing as well, and am convinced that I need to hit ya back with a sub. Hope you have a stellar day...

Humbly Beautiful said...


@Preach Thank you! I enjoy reading your blog also. I have recently added a template too my blog and really writing in it on a more consistent basis.