Thursday, July 8, 2010

I just want a man to be a man!

My last post was about expectations and that subject is still getting to me.  That is a topic that gets to me a lot.  I was having a email conversation with a friend and just let most (not all) of my feelings out about the subject.  That helped me process some things and get some of my frustrations out.

What got me or made me think about the subject even more was when a high school classmate wrote a note on facebook about why she loved black men. I don't know if she wrote it herself or got from someone else, but it was very good post. What got me was a comment by a friend (who was a black man) that thanked her for pointing out the positives of black men instead of focusing on the negatives.

Once again....that got me to thinking. I have not given up on men (I will not say black...because it does not matter what color you are to me, which is another blog in itself) but I have come close, matter of fact my hope for men is on life support right now (just being honest). I have become tired of men letting me or even society down. It is not all about a romantic relationship, but relationships rather they be family, friendship, or even work relationships. Is it too much to ask for a man to be a man?

I don't want to focus on the negatives, but when they stand out so much it is hard not to.  I have seen great men who are excellent fathers, friends, husbands, workers, and/or family men, but those are few and far between....and I think that is a problem.  I hate to make generalizations and I know not all men are bad and I do not expect men to be perfect, but I just want them to stop making excuses for their failures. I want them to learn from them and move forward.  I want them to have a "I am my brother's keeper" mentality. Once you learn better, teach the next person to do better. Is that hard?

I think I am done venting....Last note....Being a man to me is NOT who or how many people you sleep with...think I will start this discussion on facebook later. My medicine is kicking in once again. Short nap before work :-) This pain has to go away!

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Keshia Robertson said...

"Being a man to me is NOT who or how many people you sleep with"

^^ I co-sign completely! I don't know where people got that measurement of true masculinity but it needs to go like yesterday!