Monday, December 1, 2008

Is there anything wrong....

with being a freak??? It take me a while to decide to write and even post this blog. I was reading a couple of blogs and it really made me think. I consider myself pretty conservative, but there is a lot of things that I think about and ponder rather I agree with them or not. I think this blog will go to the heart of the title of my blog. Most people who know me might be shocked if they take the time to read this entry, but oh well...I think I am moving more in the period in life where I believe what I believe, I stand where I stand, and I question everything!!! Think more people she does this, maybe would not be a society of blind followers.

Ok...back to the subject at hand. I was reading two blogs that I follow and one was talking about a couple who did not kiss until they got married and one was talking about sex as a art. Two different thoughts but both made me think. One article talks about the abstaining from sex by extreme majors and one talks about it as a form of art...but made me think. But what I got from both is a there anything wrong with being a freak???

I honestly do not know rather or not I can answer this question with a yes or no. I do think I am leaning toward no....but with limits. I feel that sex is something special and should not be shared with just anyone. If the person you are with wants to experiment or be creative there is nothing wrong with that...within reason, but being a freak with anyone and everyone...not cool. Like the blog author said sex is an art and people should good get creative with it, if not it would probably get boring, which in my opinion sometimes leads people to cheat. When I say within limits I know there are extreme things that can be done, but if you both know what that limit is what is wrong with pushing it to the limit??

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