Sunday, September 27, 2009

Please think for yourself.

I usually don't post on the weekend much, but this irritated me so bad today. Today on twitter Rev Run posted this:

"Men are like a deck of cards, u'll find an occasional KING, but most are Jacks!"

I paid no attention to it at first...then I went over to facebook and a few of my friends put this as their status...Then I began to think...There are just as many kings in a deck of cards as there is his statement is flawed. Please correct me if I am wrong, even if I am it does not negate the point of this post.

I wrote all this to say. Just because a person says something does not mean it is true. Just because they sound good or sound smart does not mean it is right. When I was growing up my Saturday morning cartoons had an interlude that said "Great minds think great minds think for themselves."

People lets think!!!!

I am done...back to your regularly scheduled program.


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Humbly Beautiful said...

What is crazy so many people cosign on things without thinking...I promise if I use the right words and give people a look I could convince people that the sky is green....