Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Sides to Every Situation

With the recent interviewing of Whitney Houston on Oprah I have began to think about this topic more and more. People always like to believe one person's version of a situation versus another's depending on the circumstances. People like to take sides without hearing both sides. Even in our attempts to be honest...sometimes we are not. We can be jaded by situations and conveniently omit or forget parts that do not favor our stance.

I am learning to remember this in different situations I encounter...Not always good at it, but it is my goal. In interactions with other we have to see how or why the other person is responding to the situation the way they are. Their response might be based on past experience that might be bad or good. Not to justify their response, but it helps you approach the situation differently. An extreme example...You might encounter a person and you just reach out to tap them on the shoulder. Maybe they have been abused before the tap brings back memories...not good idea.

I think a lot of problems could be solved, a lot of confrontations can be handled more civilly, and relationships can become healthier if people take the time to see the other person's side. Not to say you will agree, or that you completely understand, but you have heard the other person out and you are able to hopefully reach a mutually acceptable conclusion with the situation or a better understanding of what has happened.

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