Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not What I Use to Be!!!!

Okay this might not be the best picture of me, but it is the most recent. Wanted to show where I am now. I was thinking of a topic to write about and could not decide because several were going through my head. The one that you are reading now won out.

As I was looking at my friends' posted links on facebook a childhood friend posted a video of her performing a song. It was very good. She is a recording artist with Jive records and I think she will blow up soon. The words of her song and things I have been dealing with lately. Sorry...digressed (I do that a lot)

I continually say that I am a work in progress, something I thing everyone should be. There use to be a gospel song that says (don't quote me) I am not where I need to be, but thank God I am not where I use to be. I think life is a continuous process where we learn and grow daily.

With this being said I have a lot of faults that I am working on and trying to improve daily. I find myself a lot lately do things I know I should not be doing or saying things I should not be saying, and feeling bad after the fact...but I continue to do these things. I think Romans 7 says it best...I keep doing what I don't want to do. To stop....if it were only that simple. I think each day is a test, some days we pass....some days we fail, but I think the key is we keep trying. We are human, we are not perfect. We all have issues that we deal with daily.

I am very thankful that even though I fall I am not what I use to be. We all have a past and I pray that people don't judge me for mine, like I try not to judge people for theirs. We have to give people chances to have a restart in life. If we always bring up a person's past they will never get over their past.

This is the beginning of a new season in my life. I am excited and putting my faith to work. Life is too short to not enjoy it and make the best of it. I love me and God loves me and that matters most. I am thinking outside the box and making some drastic changes. I would love the support of those closest to me...but they are not ready. We willl see what happens...

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