Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life Before Social Networking Sites

Today twitter has been down ALL morning....Now this has caused a problem....It has forced me to be more productive at work...HOW RUDE!!!!

This morning I deleted my myspace page which I have had for several years. A couple of days ago I deleted my blackplanet page which I have had since FRESHMAN year of college....that has been ages!!!! I remember the various other sites I have used in the past...collegeclub, friendster, classmates, and a few more, but now I use none of them.

What did we do before all of these social networking sites???

This is the question I have asked myself lately. I guess we actually did work. I mean all of these sites started while I was in college, but I can only imagine the distraction it would have been if they were as big then as they are big now. I know for a while my current job blocked facebook and that caused me to be more productive...not to say I am not productive now, but I know I spend more time on facebook than I should. I am thankful for the option of letting select people see that you are online (my boss is a friend on facebook...she is cool, but don't want to push it).

When my internet goes down at work I am lost (not literally, but you get my drift). So much of my work is research and looking up stuff and journals online when it goes down I am screwed...a blackberry can only do so much. Then I can't communicate through my social networking sites...not cool!!

One time I tried to go one week without checking lasted a couple of days. I think it is a mjor way that people communicate now. I think about my blogger page and my google reader that manages my blogs I read (my job is bootleg and blocks sites...reader allows me to read the blocked sites) it is one site that I think if I tried to give up for a week it would be crazy!!! This morning when I woke up I had 40 blogs to read and that is just from about 5 hours of sleep...Imagine if I took off for a week and did not catch up on my blogs.

I was hearing about a spa or vacation resort out west that takes your blackberry and cell phone when you check in. Can you imagine no communication via email, cell phone or networking sites??? What is sad a few years ago that is how we lived.


Citizen Ojo said...

When Twitter was down it was like the earth stopped. That's not good.

Anonymous said...

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