Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Could you Survive???

Okay this is a random post for today. I asked the question earlier on twitter what would you do if you did not have your cell phone or blackberry for one day??? Could you survive?

I mean we have become so dependent on our "crackberries" and out smartphones.  I recently bought the new Samsung Moment and I love it!!! I mean I had been a blackberry user for a while and now I am hooked on the android market.  I have my life on my phone. My numbers, my schedule, facebook, twitter, games, and even a (not the only one) Bible on there. Almost anything that I need I can access using my phone. If I don't know something google it. I have most of my email accounts connected to it. I know no one's phone number, sad I know. I don't even know my mother's phone number. 

We have become so dependent on our cell phones and mobile devices. I laugh at one of my friends because she has a Motorola Razor and refuses to get a smart phone...why??? She jus wans a phone, is there something wrong with that?  To actually use a phone just for a phone?

Now that I subscribe to so many blogs, my phone helps me manage them. Somedays when I come home I have 67 blogs to read and this is just after being away from my computer for a few hours. One time I was out of town for a few days and did not take my laptop with me and did not check my blogs on my blackberry...over a span of 3 or 4 day I had gathered over 400 blogs to catch upon. CRAZY!!! I know...but this is one thing I am thankful I can use my phone for. 

Could I survive without my phone for a day...yes, but would it be easy, doubt it. I am thinking about trying to do it, and see what happens....

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