Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What makes a good wife???

This past Sunday at church a couple of us were having a conversation in between services and a college friend of mine made a statement that me think back to a blog post I read several months ago. Check it out here.

In the conversation a couple of females were talking and one male.  The statement was made out of frustration of being single.  She made the statement sarcastically that men don't want a woman who has her stuff together...own house, own car, educated, and so on....This got me to thinking.

What do men want in a mate or wife? Just because a woman has a house, a car, and is educated, does that make a woman a good wife? A mate needs to be stable and have certain qualities, but I do think more people look at relationships more like business mergers, and less like love.  People want to be the "power couple," but is love in the equation???

If you think about the qualities that make a good mother and a good wife having a Ph.D., JD, Masters, even just having a Bachelor's degree does not mean you can be a good wife or mother?  I think back to hearing and seeing stories of couples that have been married for 50 years or more...and most of them barely had a high school education.  Yes the grew up in different times, but they had successful marriages and loved each other.

So my question is what makes a good wife, husband, or mate?

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