Monday, December 21, 2009

To Tell or Not to Tell....That is the Question

This morning when I woke up I had an email alert that someone added me on twitter. What was interesting was it was a person that I knew in real life. This was weird to me...why??? I tell no one about my twitter page. I sometimes mention that I have one, but don't invite people to add me or tell them my screenname.  I have a few people I know in real life that are friends of mine on twitter, but we rarely talk on twitter and most of them do not use twitter anymore.  I don't have my real name on twitter and I only use my first name on twitter so when you search for me you can't find me. 

With this being said I really debated about letting people know about my blog. I mean I use to have a link on my facebook page and I use to occassionally post links to my post, but I stopped when work, family, and facebook intersected.  I sometimes have the desire to share my posts, but I don't want people reading my other posts and start asking questions.

My thoughts can be random, my thoughts can be skewed, but they are my thoughts and my feelings and sometimes I feel people are not ready to understand or process my thoughts.  The other day I added my godmother to my facebook page which was cool, I have nothing bad on the page, but a situation came up. She sent me a message (which was asked by mother looking at my page with her) asking why did I not have pictures of one of my close friends on my page (which I did). This did not bother me, but made me think....I don't want everyone close to me know everything about me. 

My recent posts have been personal. More than I have shared with a lot of people. I can only imagine what some people that are close to me would think if they read my blog and put two and two together???  I mean people have pieces to the puzzle, but the blog would be like the final piece....not cool.  In a previous blog I have talked about some of the issues I have been having and conversations with friends. I have thought about letting that friend know about the blog and it might help the person understand better what I have been trying to say lately.

I know the thoughts above are kind of random, but they all are thoughts that I have had about telling people I know about my blog and my twitter page.  Will they take the time to read it? Will they care? Don't know, but for twitter and blog remain my place of freedom (as free or as open as I can be). 


Anonymous said...

I say that no electronic device should force any info out of you. And same like writing a letter to someone through the mail, you don't need to pass it along to every member of your family or friends to read before you mail it. I put nearly no information about my family online. People are perverts sometimes. Dont feel bad if you limit who you tell what and where to go to online for your thoughts. It's your business and it's your responsibility to protect it or share it.

My best, Lynn

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!