Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Vision Book

Several blogs ago I did a post about starting my vision book.  The process has begun and it is harder than I thought it would be. I wanted to be specific in what I put in the book and just did not want something general. but wanted something that focuses in on different areas of my life.

What I did was basically make a scrabook of things in my life that I have a vision for. Nothing to small, nothing to big.  Topics include finances, love, family, career, the finer things, mentoring, education...I could go on and on, but those are few.  I used various pictures, old magazines, stickers, cut outs to visualize what my vision is on those areas of my life.  It is a fun project, but it is hard finidhing the "deeper" areas of my life such, career, education, famly, and my biggest legacy. I saw one blogger who did a vision board which works for some, but I wanted more details. 

Below are a few of the pages that I have finished or close to finishing.  Some are more private so not able to share.

First is the title page. It is sample. Has some things about me and scriptures, sayings, and things that I is more of an introduction.

Next page is one on finances...this is always a struggle for me. I love to spend and not save :-( Working on it....

Another page...well 2 pages is love and family. This includes so much that I could not limit to one page. Still working on these pages, but almost done :-)

One page that I am really having fun with is my role models page...people I look up to and who have and still are positive influences in my life.  My goal is to do a big collage of everyone. I have started and still have a way to go...Some are famous, some are not...I am loving how the page is turning out :-)

So these are just a few glimpses of the start of my vision book. What I love is that I can add on as I grow and as I live out the vision.  I would say I hope to finish this project soon...but the more I work on it, the more I realize that it is a neverending project.

So my question for you is have you thought about your vision? I have you written it done and what plans do you have to fulfill your vision?

Hope everyone has a great day. Started my day at work off way to early...HELP!!!


Alisha said...

I love this! I've been saying FOREVER that I was going to do a Vision board. You have a book, which makes more sense. I'm on it!! Thanks for showing it to us.

Humbly Beautiful said...

Thanks girl! In Nashville this weekend they are actually doing a vision board get together at a local cafe which I think is neat. Several young urban professionals are throwing it.