Friday, January 29, 2010

What's in a picture??

This morning I checked my mailbox and I had a letter in the mail from my mother and enclosed was this picture to the left. It is a picture of my maternal grandmother and grandfather in 1944.  What was funny was one of my older cousins on facebook made the comment of scanning more family pictures to share...So I decided to take a mobile pic of what my mom sent and upload. I have gotten a few "likes" and comments on the picture of how they love it!!!

I was thinking....if they only knew.  When you look at this picture what do you see? What assumptions do you make?  I guess since I know the history behind both of them I have a different perspective on this picture...

What people seeing this picture do not know that my grandmother and grandfather divorced back in the day (which was rare).  From my understanding he had other children the same age as my aunt.  By looking at this picture you would never know that I never met my grandfather. Only heard stories about him and met some of his family. Met his sister face to face for the first time last year (very exciting...eventhough we have had phone conversations). 

When people see this picture they see 2 black people in love...which they were. You see 2 black people serving in the military (My grandmother was and is a bad....SHUT YO MOUTH!!!...had to say it). But you don't know the drama behind the relationship. Although I have only heard one side of the story...I do know my grandmother loved my grandfather, but based on so many factors it just did not work out.

People's comments on the picture were nice and I debated on rather I should tell them more....I think I will not. Just got me to thinking do people really think about what they see when they see a picture....

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