Thursday, January 7, 2010

Am I Insane???

This picture and quote recently came to my attention from a friend. By this definition aren't most people insane? I will admit that I am different and don't think like most people, but I sometimes wonder if being labeled insane is necessarily a bad thing?  How many great thinkers would fit this definition? How many people in the world kept doing the same thing and expected different results...but one day they got them???

I am currently by this definition practicing insanity... I question daily should I continue on this path?  In hopes of one day things will change. I don't know.  To me part of me realizes that maybe the situation will not change, but I continue to hold out faith.  Sometimes when we do the same thing over and over again we do get different results, but is this just because you are persistent?

A while ago I read a blog from a pastor that I follow that talked about his belief in the Bible and his insane faith...It was inspirational because it showed what he stood for and why he stood for it, rather it be insane or not.  I do think parts of faith are insane...which I think is good. You have to believe in the unbelievable and expect the impossible.

Will I continue to live up to this definition of insanity? I don't know. It could have good and bad consequences. I do know that in some areas I do have to change my insane behaviors. 

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