Friday, January 1, 2010

You Can't Handle the Truth!!!!

Yes I can!!!! I woke up this morning from enjoying a great watch night service sermon.  Then I realized something....a friend was lying to me...not cool!!! There is one thing not to admit to something, but to blatantly lie is so not cool.

The line from "A Few Good Men".....I think that is the name of the movie. I can handle the truth, what hurts more is that you think you can't tell me the truth. I might be hurt for a little bit, but as a true friend I will get over it. It hurts me more that you think you have to lie to me.  I know the truth will come out and when it does we will have a talk...

Honesty is a trait that I value so much in a friendship and the fact that you can't even give me that is not good.

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