Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are words more important than actions???

This morning I woke up and should have done some work...but I just played around on the internet.  What did come to mind after reading a blog post that criticized the words of a reporter in his covering of the Haiti situation. What surprised me about the post was I had just seen a news clip from that reporter doing something selfless and not focusing on reporting, but saving a life in the midst of turmoil....

This got me to thinking about do people focus too much on words and not the actions of people. I then begin to think about the words of Senator Harry Reid and the firestorm that happened after those words were published.  I am not arguing for against what was said, but people began to talk about his history with civil rights, his voting rights, and what he has done over the years.  Does the speaking of "words" negate all the good that someone has done?

If you ever think about the words you have said are conversations you have had in the past could someone use them to paint a picture of you in a negative way??? Probably so...but this does not negate the good you do.  Recently I have spoken about wanting a person to back up the words "I Love You" with actions... You say something it is the direct contradiction of how you treat a person.  Is it okay to talk about you negatively in public, but do nothing but good things for you out of the spotlight....or even the spotlight? 

This post might be a little confusing, but I wrote all this to say...Are words more important than actions?

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