Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Anonymous Comments

Recently I have had several anonymous comments. This use to not bother me, but I can admit now it does, just by the nature of the comments I have received.  The person obviously follows me on facebook and twitter, and has now asked me questions on formspring (rare thing).

I am assuming that this the same person because of the nature of questions and comments, and honestly I might be wrong. No matter if the person is the same or not I have no problem with what they were saying if they could back up what they are saying....and so far they have not.

Because of this I have prevented anonymous comments. Wish I did not have too, oh well.  I am open for discussion an dialogue, but please back up your statements.

Obviously this person follows me on twitter and facebook and if I am correct is asking the formspring questions so they can still respond, just not anonymously.

Am I being too harsh?

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