Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Experience at the Jewish Temple

This weekend was interesting. I went to the Jewish Temple with my former boss who was Jewish (guess you knew that). I enjoyed the service and it was a first for me.  I have never really ventured out into other faiths and religions in my life. I was brought up in the Christian faith and predominately in the African American church and it is a part of me and is responsible for who I am today.

One thing I did like were the prayer books and the recitations. Once I figured out what they were saying and singing I enjoyed it. It was interesting the history that I was shown and the knowledge of her faith that was portrayed.

Knowledge about what you believe in is something that has been getting to me lately.  Having an educated faith....sometimes the more I learn the more I question, but I still realize I know what I believe in. I then think back to my older family members who did not have the education, but believed and live a life that I admire and was devoted to God.

Another struggle with my faith....

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