Saturday, October 16, 2010

HBCU vs. Majority Institutions

As I chill this morning I decided to have a movie day and the first movie I decided to watch was School Daze. It is one of my favorite movies and I had not watched it in a while. I watch if for entertainment, education, and enlightenment. 

Most of you who read my blog know that I did not go to an HBCU (Historically Black College or University), but I went to Vanderbilt University. I am proud of my education and my experience and I would not take it back for the world, but when I watch School Daze I sometimes wonder would me life be different if I went to a HBCU. Majority of my older family members and family friends graduated from HBCUs such as Spelman, Morehouse, Lincoln, and Knoxville College. Although I can appreciate what they have done in the Black community and continue to do I still realize it was not for me.

Recently there was an article on 16 year old child prodigy that chose FAMU over Harvard. After reading the article the young boy made a very informed decision about where he chose to go to college which a lot of people do not.  I think students have to realize what is best for them, which may or may not be a HBCU.

I think the important thing is to get an education and get a job. You should also be able to enjoy your college experience. College is more than books, you should have fun and socialize too. One thing about me going to Vanderbilt, although I did not attend an HBCU I had 4 HBCUs (Meharry, Tennessee State, Fisk, & American Baptist College) in the city which exposed me to some of the Black College experience....that was enough for me.

Just my thoughts, not an expert, but just how I see things. I will not continue to watch the end of School Daze......

 (had to do it)

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