Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Really sucking at blogging right now :-(

This morning I got up and my bed held me hostage. I could not do anything....I just stayed in my bed and did nothing.

My life has been a whirlwind and I am trying to manage my time and get use to everything. I have had ups and downs, but I am still standing. The pic to the left is my hair now, it is finally growing back so I am truly getting excited about getting my tattoo.....but that might be put on hold (will explain later).

Work, mentoring, health, and my personal life has been on struggle lately and I honestly I am just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel....hopefully.

A lot has been on my mind and my heart and sometimes I just do not know how to express it we shall see.

For those who still read my blog, THANK YOU!!! I microblog on my tumblr when I can and I still tweet the random things that go on in my head (most of the time). I am hoping that life will get back to some form of normal we shall see. My biggest hurdle right now is my health, do not know know what is going on with my skin, which has delayed my tattoo, but I am worried about how they can not give me a definite answer. I get tired of people looking at my arms and staring, I have been breaking out for a while and it is getting worse, I have medications, get shots, go to the doctor every two weeks....but it is not improving. I hope when I go again this week something can be changed, but what is being down now is not we shall see.

I still have thoughts that I want to express that I think and hope I get out more on this blog. I am slowly realizing that I have to take my mornings to blog, right now one of the few free moments I have in my day.


Unknown said...

I think I like your hair like this.

Humbly Beautiful said...

You think? LOL! Thanks!