Monday, August 22, 2011

30 + 1

Friday is my 31st birthday....I am kind of excited. Last year around this time my grandmother had just passed and I was not in the best of moods. This year has been rough. Didn't accomplish all that I wanted to, but I did make some important changes in my life.  Life has been difficult, faced with some challenges I never thought I would, but guess what.....I am still alive.

My faith has been tested (still being tested) and I have questioned a lot of what I believe and what I have been taught. I do not know the answers to all the questions I have in my head, but I have more clarity. I still believe in God, just question a lot of what people do in the name of religion. Ritual without knowledge. I believe it is okay to question to gain understanding, an educated faith is a powerful thing, people act so much out of emotion, but when it comes to defend their faith....fall very short.

I am slowly finding my own path....

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Unknown said...

Happy Earth~Day in advance.