Thursday, September 15, 2011

Living Life

To the right is me....I am still alive with blue hair.  I keep saying I am going to blog more.....not happening in my life right now.  Life is moving and honestly I don't know which direction I am going in right now. I am using twitter and tumblr more. You are welcome to follow me there.

For those who follow me and I follow you...Trust I am still reading your blogs (especially The Gayte-Keeper....don't comment, but I read one of the few I just don't skim).  I read blogs read daily to make me think and challenge my way of thinking. Sometimes even for pleasure :-) but I refuse to read bossip....can't purposefully kill brain cells.

Life is a journey and mine has taken a surprising turn.  My motto in life is now becoming.....

Never say Never......

Take it as you will. But like I said check me out on tumblr and twitter.  (not ready to open up facebook to everyone).

Tumblr: Humbly Musicstyle

Twitter:  Musicstyle

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The hair color suits you! I knew you'd be back, for many us this is the only stable place we can find from the crazy world around us.