Monday, September 19, 2011

31 now......

Been meaning to update my life on my 30 while 30 here it goes;-) Learned a lot about myself and although I did not complete everything I have not given up. Some things will be added to my bucket list. (sorry for typos....did from my new tablet and have no spellcheck)

1.  No tattoo, have a skin condition and want to get under control before I try, but design is finalized.

2.  No passport, but going to Bahamas next year and although you don't need a passport they suggest you have in case of emergency.

3.  Date.... I wish :-(

4.  Completed 30  random acts of should try it.

5. Read 10 books, once I got two jobs spare time was minimal.

6.  No spontaneous trip, unless you count trip to Atlanta I planned in a week.....that was spontaneous for me.

7.   No white water rafting, but going to still do.

8.  No grad school apps yet, had a career sidetrack, but in a good way. Going to work on a certification first that is really good in my profession.

9.  30 letters done, email and typed & hand written notes.

10. 5k happening in November.

11. Got injured during marathon training, trying again next year.

12. Saved money.....but doctor bills and meds took it up, but thank God I could afford them.

13. Donated hair and my hair has grown back!!!!

14. Lost 20, but also found some medical reasons why I haven't been losing weight and doctor is trying to figure out.

15.  No home......can't decide on where I want to live.

16. Became a clinical trials associate, close and better step closer!

17. Went to San Antonio and Dallas, past the Mississippi!!!!

18.  No big ticket item for my mother....but still will do.

19. Closet cleaned and goodwill blessed!

20. Did not visit graves of my father and my sister.......can't yet.

21. Some tough questions asked, but still have more.

22. Knitting is hard!!! Worked on more crocheting techniques.

23. Vision plan......still formulating work in progress.

24. No BIG concert, but did see Eric Roberson at Centerstage in Atlanta......progress!

25. First kiss...not so much :-(

26. Signature vegan dish...made. Brown rice and veggie dish, still working on a name.

27. Financial plan done! Now I just have to stick to it.

28. Art not purchased, money had to be spent somewhere else.

29. Speaking my mind........a little bit more.

30. I did have a fun year in spite of!!!!!

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lesapeamusings.blogspot said...

Hey Sweetie cute list...very honest by the way.

Lisa x