Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Insight into my random thoughts

Well....trying real hard to get back to blogging here and it looks like I am succeeding. For those who have not been following me or who have just stumbled across this blog, for the past almost a year I have been doing a Random Thoughts blog.  Check it out if you like.  Each day I write random thoughts for the day. For example, since today is the 22nd I wrote 22 random thoughts? This can be easy and hard some days. It gets harder when I get to the end of the month, imagine putting down 31 random thoughts??? Now all of the thoughts are not completely random, but they are my thoughts. Some are funny, some are cryptic, some are just blurts that come in my mind.

Here are a link to some of my favorites or most viewed thoughts.

Post Scandal Edition
Chest Pains are Never Good 
Thoughts While Waiting till Marriage
Things I have learned from 2 Chainz
The Yonce Did That!!!!!

Also, here is an example of the thoughts from case you don't go over to the original blog

1. Becoming more open
2. My love for you will it ever end?
3. Do you know that you are racist?
4. Pizza for breakfast is always good
5. I get that you want to change me but you can't
6. Should have sent to Starbucks
7. No good music has come out in a while
8. How well do you trust me?
9. I can make you smile
10. Looking forward to a day off
11. What did we so before smart phones?
12. Can I give up meat again
13. Facebook/twitter break is much needed
14. Going to make this a great day
15. Only you can prevent forest fires
16. Look for someone who challenges you intellectually
17. We will just agree to disagree
18. Liking that I am slowly getting back to my original blog
19. Jake from State Farm.....he sounds hideous
20. I will not get sick!!! 
21. Yes, I originally forgot #21
22. Big girls need love too

As you can say I am very random.....but they are my thoughts. They have been therapeutic, entertaining, and fun to do. Still deciding if I will continue to do them past a year....I committed to a year which is almost here.
So hope you enjoy and read!!!!
Back to our regularly scheduled program

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