Saturday, December 20, 2008

Am I the Only One???

Please watch the video then read the blog:

One of my friends posted this video on facebook and I was like "Are you serious???" I love working with kids and have been working with kids by profession and volunteering for years now. I have high standards for kids, my beliefs, not everyone agrees...Oh Well!!! Several people thought the post was cute and hilarious, I personally was like why does a child this young know the whole video???

Growing up my parents were strict, but they gave me direction. TV was not allowed, especially not long enough to learn a video. Then the words and the moves to the song...I am not a Beyonce hater or fan, but a child that age should not be doing the moves or even letting that music in her ears.

My thoughts are the parents should invest more time with the child and teach her something. One might argue that I do not if the child is a perfect student and learned the video in her spare time...not flying with me. Kids today usually spend more time watching TV than play games with friends, playing outside, learning...things that promote growth in children.

I am done venting....just my thoughts, you might beg to differ.


Jervis said...

amen,i watched this vid a couple times,and had the same reaction,when she hit school,she better know her abc's just as well

Social Disaster said...

I think it is interesting she can do the entire dance. This shows that she has great memory as well as coordination that will be essential in a academic setting. As a former preschool teacher I would encourage her parents to utilize these skills she has to a higher education. Maybe even enroll her in some extra curricular activities such as dance to create a reward system for a job well done. Good post I am looking forward for more to come.

Humbly Beautiful said...

I feel what both of you are saying. But how many parents whose kids can do the whole dance of most videos they say take the time to invest in dance classes or other activities for them? I hate to say it like this, but now people put more value in entertainment than education. Not to say that what Beyonce does not take skill and talent, because the Lord knows I can't do what she does, but too many kids only see her and the finish product and not what it takes to get to where she is...hard work and dedication.

Anonymous said...

Great blog ;)