Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interesting Questions....

I am not: who you think I am
I hear: "So Beautiful" from the new Musiq
I regret: not always being honest with myself
I care: about other people too much, sometimes they would feel the same way about me
I always: think of others before I think of myself too much
I long to: be open and honest with the world
I feel alone: because I sometimes feel like no one else in the world goes through what I do
I hide: a lot...
I drive: too much, my car is probably mad at me
I sing: all the time, although my friends think my voice is horrible...I like it :)
I dance: when I am girl with no rhythm
I write: to vent and express what I can't say to others
I breathe: therefor I am...God is good
I play: well with others...most of the time
I miss: the carefree days of my youth
I search: for meaning in everything
I say: random things that do not always make sense....but they make sense to me
I feel: like my life is going in the right direction.
I succeed: at what I love
I fail: to open up when I need to
I dream: in color
I sleep: not enough
I wonder: why people do not understand
I want: people to think beyond themselves
I worry: too much
I have: so much inside
I give: too much
I fight: for what is right
I am: me!!! gotta love it :)
I can’t: understand the person who has no motivation to improve themselves
I stay: in constant thought
I will: be what I am supposed to be
I can: do whatever I put my mind to
I would: give you the world if I could
I might: make a drastic change in my life soon
I like: White Chocolate
I love: You!
I smile: rather I am happy or would never know.
I frown: at stupidness
I read: a lot...reading is fundamental
I work: and love it!!!


Unknown said...

That was almost like looking in the mirror.

i love it...

Brothers Blog said...

great post interesting and very revealing. Open and honest.