Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why Men Lie...

Back from holidays and was following up on facebook posts and one of my friends posted the following video:

WTF??? Ok....As I watch the short video a few things cam to mind about the star of the video:

  1. Why does he cover his face?
  2. Where does he get his statistics from?
  3. Why does he have on all red?
I decided to look at the census bureau and here are the facts. This does not account for availability but it does give generalized data. We can argue forever the lack of men and especially the lack of black men, but to me that is besides the point. This guy's argument in the video is because he has choices he has the right to lie.

If he uses the above mentioned argument it is alright to say someone leaves $1,000 on a counter you have the right to take it just because it is there even though you know it does not belong to you. He is saying you have the right to do wrong because you have it is called integrity, character, and honesty...great traits to have.

Also...women. If you know he lied to the woman before you why wouldn't he lie to you? Not all men are dogs and not all men lie, but if he has the mentality of the guy in the video why would you give him the time a day. Then...women why do you allow men to lie to you and you continue to take it??? Then...why would you cheat with a man knowing he is with someone else or being shady in life???

Ok...Just needed to let things out and ask questions. Would love feedback!

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Brothers Blog said...

WELL As the Genuwine song says "If he cheated on her with you, why won't he do it to you?"

not an exact quote but you get the gist. Not to say once a cheater always a cheater but karma is a Bitch as they say.