Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why are we so judgmental???

Ok...I use to blog a lot on myspace and stopped because I got tired of myspace. I was going through some of my old blogs and decided to post some on here from time to time. Hope you enjoy and comment.

Original Post May 8, 2007:

I have been thinking a lot lately how we as people are so quick to judge someone else. I am guilty of it and is what of my biggest struggles. I know it is wrong, but sometimes I find myself doing it. I was just encountered a situation and the shoe was on the other foot. A person felt comfortable making comments around me about something and thinking about the situation I was honestly offended. I mean I have been known to stick my foot in my mouth and I have to catch myself and think about the next time I am in the situation how do I handle it differently. As many of blogs have expressed I am changing and becoming a new person or a better person and by doing this some things that I have seen and/or done in the past I begin to question. Rather you are Christian or not this should be something you should think about, how I treat or act towards other people who are different than me. I honestly do believe Christians are worse when it comes to judging people. We like to point out other people's faults, but never look at our own. We are quick to say a person should not do this or act this way, but we fail to look at why they are doing what they are doing. What happened to coming to people in love? What happened to loving in spite of? I am developing, or living out a mindset of love overcoming all. I mean my new screen name(Teach Me How to Love) is inspired by one of my favorite songs of Musiq's new album. If you get a chance listen to the words it is how I feel sometimes. I am honestly understanding that my heart has become so cold that I honestly do not know if I possess the capability of loving someone. I understand the love that God had for me and how it is unconditional, but I don't know if I can give that love. I want to but sometimes don't know how. I know I have gone off on a tangent, but I believe if we love more we would not judge as much. I think the church has missed the mark of ministering in some aspects. People want to hold people accountable harshly, but no where that I can remember when Jesus was ministering to people did he beat them down or make them feel like they were less than nothing. He met the people where they were. People should not assume things about people and people should take the time to get to know people. Get to know what makes a person who they are. I know I have issues in this area. I can even say one of my mottoes in life is that I do not talk to strangers, but when you see a person on struggle, don't jump to conclusion about that person, or judging them, maybe if you look at what got them to that point you can have a better understanding of who that person is in the inside.


She W0rd Hustlez said...

Omg, girl I just wrote a blog about folks being so quick to judge other people. It's horrible. I know we all have an opinion, but that is just what it is AN OPINION. That doesn't give you the right to pass judgement on other people. Ugh!!!

Brothers Blog said...

i definitely agree people are so quick to judge and never put themselves in the other persons position. I think we're all guilty of this at times and have to do better.