Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gospel vs. Secular Music

Today has been a busy day at work, but needed a break so I decided to write a short blog.  Today at Bible Study we are having a guest pastor come for the beginning of a Revival. Posted below is a clip from the last time he came...not his sermon, but a fun way he started off....

Some people have criticized his turning secular music into love songs to God. So I pose the question of do you think there is anything wrong with what he did? What makes a song secular vs. gospel?  Do you believe that people should not listen to secular music? 

No right or wrong answer, just your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed the clip above...I did ;-)

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Aquon said...

I enjoyed this so much when I first saw it. He did it with a TRUE heart for worship of God. and it was an attention getter. People didn't expect it. He didn't do it to be a spectacle, but to drive the point home to people that worship has to be REAL! some critisized because they don't understand worship. i can't give God nothing that i am unfamiliar with, because it wont be real or true. i identify with LOVE and so ima LOVE on God the way i know how, while asking him to teach me and show me in his word HOW to love.