Friday, June 25, 2010

Please Don't tell me how I should feel!

Earlier this week I had a very interesting conversation with a friend.  I have had this conversation time and time again, and honestly....tired of having it.  Something I have mentioned a few times on this blog is the fact that I have never dated or been in a relationship.  It is something I don't advertise, but if asked I will not lie.  Most people just assume I have...but that assumption is wrong.

What gets me is people like to tell me how I should feel or that I can't understand things because I have not been in a relationship. This is becoming increasingly frustrating.  I have the desire to be in a relationship, but it does not consume me and the fact that I am not in a relationship does not make me less of a person.  I had to tell a friend that I am grown woman and I have desires, dreams, and aspirations of what I want in a relationship and when meeting people I know what I want and what I don't want from a mate in life. 

What is crazy....I have always wanted that person that I actually end up dating to be "the one" some people might think this is weird, but knowing me it would not surpise me if it happened this way.  I sometimes think it might be someone I have known all along, but just waiting for the perfect time.  There is a person who sparks my interest right now....we shall see, but I am not holding my breath. I am believer that I will know when that person is right for me.

A quote that I stumbled upon awhile ago on twitter sums it up best how I feel about relationships....

“I am far from perfect. But I will be perfect for that imperfect somebody that is perfect for me.” -Unknown


Aquon said...

i commend you for being patient and knowing your dreams and desires, but remain willing and open to be patient. you are the kind that will truly end up with your soul mate for life because of your patience. Imagine the heartache others would have avoided had they followed the same path. peace

Humbly Beautiful said...

Thank you for your words!