Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 10: What I Wore today

Should have looked at the blog I was supposed to write before I decided to get dress.  I felt like being a bum. I attempted to take pictures, but for some reason my cell phone would not send them :-(.

Well all I had on was some nike tennis shoes, baggie way too big blue jeans, a black long sleeve t-shirt, and hair was in a long ponytail.

Went out for dinner and just got back and I put on brown flip flops (my favorite shoes), another pair of fitted jeans, and a brown 3/4 length shirt with a design on front.

Funny how the days fall. Tomorrow going to a wedding and going to see Takers my wardrobe choice will be a lot better. Oh well....Tomorrow I write about my sibling, will try not to cry.

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