Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 2: My First Love.....

This will be an interesting post because I can honestly say I have not been in love. I have said several times on this blog that I have never dated or been in relationship with anyone. I have had people in my life, but we never dated and relationships never formed.

This being said....My first love was more than a crush that lasted for several years and most of my friends who have known me still mess with me about it from time to time today. The guy is happily married with kids now and we are cool. Don't talk much since college, but we get updates on each other from mutual friends. I had a crush since the time I was 8 until I went to college and actually went to prom with him.  We grew up together and we were born 4 days apart....I still remember this random fact. 

Our moms were in the same sorority, we went to the same church, and participated in various activities together.  What was funny when I was a senior in high school I still did not have a driver's license and I know the only way I was going to the prom was to have a date drive me.  One of my friends suggested I ask my crush to the prom. I was so nervous!!! Well I finally got the guts to call and the words that came out of my mouth were "My momma told me to ask you to the prom." Surprisingly he said yes!  Some people laughed at me on my approach, but it worked.

We went as friends and had a good time. I still have the prom picture we took together (I dare not scan). We went to dinner first and saw a few of my friends, danced a few times, and went to an after party with some of my friends at a hotel. He took me home and I can truly say I had a great prom night.

Funny side story was the morning after prom both of us were being awarded scholarships from our mom's sorority. We were so tired!!!  The party my friend had after prom was at the hotel where the scholarship was being held and a few of the ladies from the sorority were at the hotel late decorating and the recognized us.  They gave us a look, which was too funny. Me and my crush were so on struggle trying to stay awake during the brunch, but we both made it!

That is the closest thing I can write about as a first love. I am very sleepy this morning, rough night. Hopefully the day will get better.

Since I had to scan some pictures for my next post I decided (since I was asked) to scan my prom picture.  Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Come on...let us see the scan photos PLEASE!!!!

Humbly Beautiful said...

LOL!! The pic is posted ;-) Try not to laugh too hard.