Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 9: My Beliefs

What are my beliefs? That is a good question. I honestly believe that they are still formulating in me mind.  I know what I have been taught, I know what I am questioning, and I think I understand where those two paths collide.  I will list some of the things I believe in and maybe even some of the things that I question...will just be a free flow.

  1. I believe in God
  2. I believe that people will let you down...don't put faith in people
  3. I question a lot of things "church" does and does it really line up with God
  4. I believe that people have lost their minds....rules are there for a reason.
  5. I believe that one day I will truly understand my purpose in life. It is a journey and a process
  6. I question if people truly care about others. I think in all actions people are selfish even if they do not want to admit it.
  7. I believe that one day someone will understand me and take the time to get to know me and stop making assumptions.
I think that is it.  It is my 30th birthday!!! Was going to write another post, but don't feel like it. I am chilling, just got a manicure and pedicure, had some sushi, and now I am watching one of my favorite shows, Without a Trace. I have a busy weekend ahead and I hope I get things done. Going to see Takers is DEFINITELY on the matter the plot of the movie the eye candy is worth the investment.....#justsaying

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Unknown said...

I am feeling your beliefs!