Monday, August 9, 2010

Possible Blog Posts

I really wanted to post something today, but a lot is going on in my mind. I don't know what to write about. I really can't formulate my thoughts so I think I might just make a list of the things that I have been thinking about writing about for awhile.  Some are in draft mode, but I just have not finished. Some are just a thought in my head and I don't have the energy to write a posting....maybe my list will spark discussion or suggestions.

  1. Judgment vs. Accountability, know the difference
  2. Is it the black man's responsibility to defend or take up for the black woman?
  3. Why do people feel life is not complete unless they marry?
  4. I will never be a size 2, and I am okay with that
  5. What actions a married man should never do
  6. Customizing Religion
  7. Why can't people be realistic?
  8. Speak English!!!!
  9. How Dare I Have Standards?
  10. Trying REAL hard not to be the bitter black woman.....
These are just a few. Feel free to ask questions or give your thoughts on what you think the topics are about or your thoughts on the topics.  I will write on some of them soon....once the energy comes back.

Side eyes are killin me!!! I have computer work to do all week and had the same things to do all last week and it is draining me. Need some people interaction.  Hope everyone's has a great Monday

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