Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 13: This Week

This is going to be a rambling blog....sorry

Well...the week started yesterday I guess. I attended church and it was LONG!!!!!! Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. preached.  I know I am wrong, but he is so hillarious and so animated. Honestly....I just like to hear him sing and scream at the end of his sermons (so wrong I know).

After church I ran some errands and rested before a good friend took me out to dinner for my birthday.  I was frustrated at first because I wanted to go the Eastland Cafe, should have checked the fact that they are not open on Sundays. So then my friend suggested we go to Miro District and if you look at the website it is closed :-( But I love seafood and will check the new place out once it opens. So I am scrambling to think of a place that I have not been (sad when you go to that many restaraunts). So I finally thought of 1808 Grille in the Hutton Hotel and it was OPEN!!! Food was wonderful, wine was wonderful, and ambiance was wonderful. I think it will be added to the rotation of places to eat in Nashville.

Today started off with work, doctor's appointment where they took blood :-(, more work, then a dental appointment.  Now I am back at work....figuring out numbers and data. The story of my life. I have a meeting tonight that I am going to try to behave at ;-) and then I can rest. The rest of this week is up in the air. I finally get my car fixed from my accident I had the day that I found out my grandmother died...don't know if I told you all about the car accident. Truck backed up on me....see pic

So not fun....but at least I get my hood painted :-) It was fading.

No other big plans for the rest of the week. A cookout with friends on Sunday, but that is about it.  I think I am going to get several things started and might even get some things accomplished on my 30 things to do in my 30th year. I am getting excited!!!!

Guess that is my week in a nutshell. We shall see.

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