Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 4-What I Ate

This blog post would fall on my splurge day...and I was bad. But I will be honest. Some of you know I am on Operation Death of Fat Girl....and based on what I ate today, Fat Girl will be around for a while :-(

For Breakfast I had 32 ounce of water and a spinach artichoke baked egg souffle' from Panera (one of my weaknesses).

For lunch I went out with some former coworkers to Olive Garden and had salad and cheese ravioli.
Couldn't take picture at lunch so I had to get picture from website

For dinner I had shrimp fried rice. They gave me so much, I was shocked. I have enough for the week!
This is just a small portion of what they gave me.

So this is what I ate today. Might go out with friends later, but doubt I will eat. Tomorrow my eating will be much better....but of course the topic for tomorrow is different.

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