Thursday, December 18, 2008

Facebook Double Standard

I thought about this topic the other day and just have found time to expand on it. I live on facebook. That is how my friends and I plan events, view pictures, and just be nosey about each others lives. Facebook can be fun and sometimes scandalous (pictures will appear...nothing is hidden these days), but it always entertaining. It helps me keep up with family, friends, and old classmates. It keeps you informed about people you may not talk to on the phone, but you would like to see what they are up to in life. The other day I was reading one of my friend's status and it got me to thinking...I am going to just list some of his very interesting statuses first. Names and faces have been left out to protect the innocent...

"***** loves to eat and use my hands...don't believe me? check out my profile pic :)"

"***** is loving the concept of Santa right now. A woman...sitting on my lap...telling me what she that's life right there!"

"***** is about to market the must-have fashion accessory...a belt with a mistletoe buckle!! meet me under the mistletoe."

"***** NEVER wants his dipstick to come up dry."

"***** was beating so hard it made her walls I turned the volume down on the stereo b4 my neighbor called the cops ;o)."

"***** is looking for a new old chick in one I can borrow? :-D"

"***** would gladly provide the meat for a Kreesha Turner/Sydney Poitier sandwich...good googly moogly."

These are just a just a few of his recent statuses. Most of them are not blatant, but they all send your mind somewhere... Every time one these statuses appear he receives 10-15 comments on it by various friends of his that are mostly female. My question is if a woman had similar statuses would she get the same responses? Will women comment in disgust and will men be so happy to comment? Just a recent observation.


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I'm so worn out of facebook...the only reason why my account is still open is so that when I lose my phone, I can get all of my number back by just saying in my header, "Lost my phone...please send numbers to my inbox."

Peggy M. said...

Yeah I agree with BCU ... I just joined FB and I am already over it...

SMH @ some status messages I see.

But you know there's a double standard out there so of course women would be frowned upon if we had such a mssg.