Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why Do I Blog???

I thought about this today while I was going through the many blogs that I read during the day to break the monotony of going through numerous excel spreadsheets and access databases (don't get me wrong, I love my job...but some tasks can be tedious). As I read and looked at some of my favorite blogs they all have a theme or a general method for the postings...Then I looked at my blog. What was I, or what am I trying to accomplish with the blog.

Honestly....I don't know. I have so many random thoughts in my head and I just wanted a place to get them out. I use to blog on myspace...but rarely sign on to myspace. My facebook account has intersected business and personal so I dare not post on there (too much work to restrict various parts of page).

I know sometimes people might read my post and be totally confused...sometimes I am too. But in my posting I process things out in my mind. I get things out that I am not always able to articulate to other people. I get things out without being judged for my thoughts or looked at crazy by those closest to me that truly do not understand.

So why do I blog??? I still don't have a complete answer for that. Sometimes I would like more people to read or respond to my posts...most don't. Sometimes I wish that I would tell more people that are close to me about my blog...but then I might not be as open. Sometimes I feel like I blog to vent about things that irritate me. I guess I have various reasons...guess it is a work in progress?

So...Why do you blog???


Unknown said...

Been asking myself that very same question lately...

LC said...

I was just asking myself this question yesterday. I was actually thinking about closing down my blog. My blog postings are so random and many times simply pointless. After much thought, I realize my blog is like an open mic diary. It’s another form of expression and communication. I write whatever, however, for whomever to see.

You should know that I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Your topics are various and many times thought provoking. I hope that you continue to blog.

Humbly Beautiful said...

Thanks for your comments. I am not going to stop blogging...just thinking about the direction of my blog, or the lack of.

Shameless said...

I think it's good to write as you think...or write exactly what you're thinking and how you're thinking it. so it doesn't matter if it sounds a bit confusing to yourself and others.
i blog because i love to put down my thoughts and it's somehow more interesting to put them down online. people's comments are a plus coz they make you realize you're not alone in any situation.