Friday, March 26, 2010

Missing You...

This morning I was going through my daily blog reads and I was thinking. Don't you hate it when bloggers just up and vanish? They just end their blog without any warning, nothing!!! There was one blogger that I thought had vanished, but looked back at their post and they are just on vacation because of technical difficulties for least he let us know! 

Now I might not comment on every blog I read, trying to do better, but I do enjoy reading all of them and I do miss them when they up and vanish.  Also, I will admit I don't have a steady method to when I post, but I at least try to post at least once a week. I hate when I find great blogs and their posts are weeks and sometimes even months apart!

Okay, done with my vent for the day. Has any one had this experience? Are there any blogs that you wonder what happened?  Just my thoughts!


Sarah said...

I ran into your blog and what a great post! I agree. There was a blog I was once reading and enjoyed it on a weekly basis and the blogger went private! well it was just technical difficulties also, now shes back up and running. Seems I'll enjoy reading your blog too!

Humbly Beautiful said...

Thanks for stopping by! I do hope you enjoy my blog. Just write to let out thoughts.