Monday, March 1, 2010

Revolve 2010 The Complete New Testament

I think this book is an excellent read for teenage girls.  As a mentor I try to think of creative ways of getting my kids to read and this book does it.  It is the complete New Testament with added features that appeal to teenagers. It gives great tips on clothing, boys, make-up, and various topics that teenagers deal with.  It is a lot easier to read the other translations of the Bible which I think will help people or make people want to read it more. When I received the book in the mail it looked like a magazine which adds to the attractiveness of the book.  It is easy to carry around, slip in your backpack, and it's format will also be an eye catcher to people who see you reading it.

The content of the book is the Bible and it portrays the message and makes it clear and easy to read.  It even gives "facebook" profiles of various people in the Bible which appeals to the younger generation (and even me).  One thing I did notice that maybe the book might not appeal to inner city kids, because some of the stories and examples they may not be able to relate to. Overall I think the book gets its message out and serves its purpose. I would suggest to any teenager or parent trying to find a Bible translation for teenagers.

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