Saturday, March 27, 2010


 You might be asking what does this video have to do with memories. Well I was browsing the page of an old classmate who just added me on facebook and he had this video posted because I guess people said that Tyrese looks like him.  This video brought back some fun memories. I remember it was one student council trip, think it was my 9th grade year. We had gone to some student council convention either in Knoxville or Nashville forget which one. We had taken the bus on the trip and we were just acting crazy.  It was an older  guy who I had know since middle school that was in high school at the time who we joked with that he looked like Tyrese in the video. Someone dared him to go to the front of the bus and reenact this commercial.  Surprisingly he did. People in the front of the bus were confused and everyone who knew he was about to do it died laughing. This is a great random memory that I have to this day.

This got me to thinking about a lot of old happy memories that I have.  I think as I have grown up I have tried to deal with the bad memories, sometimes even forget them, I have found myself forgetting the great memories that I have. Fun times spent with family, good times spent in school, and the various activities that I have done in the past. 

Memories have made us who we are today....the good and the bad. We have to cherish our memories and make sure that we don't forget the things that make us smile and laugh.

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